We recognise that different products have different lifespans, risk profiles and budgets. For your brands and trade marks, we offer a range of tailored clearance solutions when new brands are under consideration, from a full availability search to targeted identical or knockout searches. Our aim is to be part of your team and to discuss clearance options with you early on, so there are no surprises as the launch of your new brand approaches.

Obtaining a patent or trade mark right is in many ways only the beginning of the story. Our team of specialists can also work with you to:

  • Set up patent watches to help you monitor where your competitors are innovating, or identify at an early stage who might be encroaching on your technology space
  • Set up competitor watches to get an early look at the trade marks and products for which your key competitors are seeking protection
  • Identify and monitor potential infringement risks at an early stage
  • Identify patents granted to competitors that you may wish to challenge in opposition
  • Instigate a range of watching services to ensure your brands are appropriately policed and that you are alerted to any conflicts in plenty of time
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