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Managing risk, maximising opportunities

HLK is helping companies to lead in the development and deployment of AI.

Our expertise is rooted in our work for leading technology companies, helping them protect their IP relating to AI since the earliest days of this technology.

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Protecting AI technologies

Patents are the currency of innovation, and AI is no exception. We advise a large number of AI clients on the most effective, practical and commercial methods for protecting their technology.

From founders of start-ups to heads of innovation at multi-nationals, our specialist AI patent attorneys are there to support you.

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AI law and regulation

The rapid rise in the use of AI tools in businesses is an exciting development but it brings with it uncertainty and risk. Our AI law and regulation team has experience in working with businesses to explain and manage these risks from both a legal and regulatory perspective.

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AI in the IP profession

Our proactive yet pragmatic approach puts our clients first, and we offer strategic advice and makrecommendations on when, and how, to implement AI technologies in your in-house innovation teams. Safetysecurity and reliability are key protocols to consider when implementing AI. 

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Latest AI updates

Our AI experts work to demystify AI patenting, speaking at seminars, lobbying for better protection of AI by contributing to official consultations, and writing articles to deepen understanding of what currently is and is not patentable 

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