With highly experienced patent attorneys in the UK and Germany able to represent clients before the European Patent Office and the national patent offices of Germany and the United Kingdom, we have one of the largest and best-established Tech patent teams in Europe.

We are privileged to work with some of the most exciting and forward-looking businesses in the world. Our expertise spans a vast range of technologies including: AI and machine learning, telecommunications, electronic circuitry (analog, digital and mixed-signal), semiconductor device design and manufacture, computing (including hardware, software and networking), printing (3D and 2D), consumer electronic devices, medical devices, robotics and autonomous systems, and fibre optics.

As well as being part of the core Tech team, many of our attorneys also belong to one or more of our established specialist practice teams, which bring together knowledge from different fields to provide a bespoke blend of cross-disciplinary expertise tailored to meet our clients’ requirements in particular technology areas.

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