Secret information will be of no use if it is locked away in a vault – it has to be shared in order to be of value. In the commercial world, it is critical for the flow of information to be managed and for it to stay confidential until you decide otherwise. The need for confidentiality might arise in a variety of situations including:

  • Business planning and discussions with partners
  • Inventive concepts and designs before filing for IP protection
  • Hard won know how and experience that gives you a commercial advantage over competitors
  • Research and development projects
  • Software and source code

We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to navigate this area of law and commerce that many find nebulous and confusing. Whether protection is afforded in contract, under the new Trade Secrets Regulation or by conduct, our lawyers know how to help, and, if necessary, to take swift and decisive action in the Courts to prevent disclosure or use of information that would otherwise destroy any ability to maintain confidentiality in the future. We are experienced in:

  • Drafting NDAs, be they one way, or mutual
  • Strategic advice in relation to the control and record keeping of information within a business
  • Advising businesses on the suspected misuse or theft of their confidential information, frequently arising after the departure of key employees
  • Taking action in the Courts to restrain the unauthorised use of confidential information, and, if necessary, obtaining injunctions swiftly to ensure that confidentiality is maintained
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Client testimonial, The Legal 500 2023

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