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What HLK's clients have to say

‘HLK have become an extension of our legal team, not merely an external resource. The practice have developed their own relationships with key stakeholders in our business and have worked extensively to understand our business as a whole.’

‘HLK provides fantastic legal service. They have the experience and legal expertise across the European region to provide top customer service and high-quality work product. I work with many law firms around the world for a multinational corporation and I can state that HLK is one of the best.’

‘The patent team are all extremely competent engineers and can quickly understand and analyse new technologies. We see this as critical to assessing the novelty of new technologies and obtaining the broadest, most robust protection that is practicable.’

‘HLK is creative, responsive and demonstrates the utmost professionalism, legal knowledge and attention to detail. In addition, the practitioners are wizards when working with specifications written for the US.’

‘Outstanding is the technical competence and the ability to quickly get accustomed to new technical areas. Further, the competence in handling computer implemented inventions (cloud systems, virtualization, artificial intelligence, just to name a few) is remarkable.’

Whatever the technical, scientific or engineering field, HLK provide patent attorneys who are able to quickly grasp the most difficult concepts. Further, they have a range of linguists who are able to assess non-English documents and undertake conversations with foreign attorneys in their own languages.’

‘I rate HLK highly for their breadth. They are capable of assisting with oppositions, appeals, patent drafting and strategy in technical areas ranging from chemistry through biotech to AI. They’re also very quick to grasp our commercial priorities and tailor their advice accordingly.’

‘HLK provide excellent support for all our IP and legal matters in UK and are able to answer to any kind of legal questions immediately. They provide top-quality recommendations that always take our strategic interests into account.’