Our Electronic Systems & Circuits team has extensive expertise across a range of electronics technologies, such as ultra low-power sensing systems, audio and RF electronics, vehicle electrification and high voltage electricity generation and distribution systems.

Many of the team’s attorneys have degree-level qualifications in electronic engineering, and all team members have many years’ experience of writing and prosecuting patent applications in the electronics field, giving them the rare ability among patent attorneys to understand and describe electronic systems at the circuit level, which in many cases is crucial to successfully prosecuting a patent application to grant.

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Meet the team

Below are the key members of the Electronic Systems & Circuits team.

Matthew Howell

UK and European Patent Attorney

An electronic engineer by training, Matthew has drafted and prosecuted applications for a variety of electronics related subject matter, including analogue and mixed-signal circuitry for audio applications, analogue computing, haptic systems, RF receiver architectures, high power electricity distribution systems and vehicle electrification technologies. As lead partner for a multinational electronics client, Matthew is well versed in providing strategic advice  on patent filing programmes  and competitor patent analysis.

Phil Davies

UK and European Patent Attorney, Irish Patent Agent

Phil is renowned for his in-depth knowledge of analogue and mixed-signal electronics. Clients prize his thorough approach and attention to detail, as well as his ability to analyse complex technical and legal issues and provide clear and pragmatic advice. Phil has experience of patent prosecution in a wide range of electronics technologies including audio signal processing and data communication, DC-DC converters and power management circuits, MEMS devices and associated circuitry, quantum computing, and high-voltage electricity generation and distribution.

David Lewin

UK and European Patent Attorney

David is valued by multinationals and SMEs alike for his extensive experience in mixed-signal electronics and electronics systems, allowing him to distil high-quality patent applications from meetings and conversations, devising new circuit diagrams as he goes! He has particular experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of high-speed digital-to-analogue and analogue-to-digital conversion, haptics, audio systems and inductive charging.

Will Morgan

UK and European Patent Attorney

Will holds a Masters degree in electronic engineering with nanotechnology.  He is well regarded for his strong client-focused approach, ensuring the highest level of understanding of his clients’ businesses and aims. He has extensive technical expertise in the areas of analogue, digital and mixed signal electronics and semiconductor device design.  Particular areas of expertise include audio signal processing, ADCs, DACs, DC-DC convertors, power management, charge pumps, RF transmission, haptics and biometrics.  Will also has substantial MedTech experience in machine-body interface circuitry and signal processing.

Luke Jones

UK and European Patent Attorney

Luke has extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting applications across a variety of electronics-related technologies including audio signal processing, power management circuitry, DC-DC converters and haptic systems. He has a particular interest in Sports and Fitness technologies and the physical-electrical interfaces used in analysing an athlete’s performance.

Brett Landon

European Patent Attorney

Brett is enthusiastic about the advancement of technology and has an appreciation for cutting edge engineering and design. At HLK, he enjoys working with innovative concepts in a commercial aspect to help inventors protect and fully capitalise on their ideas.

Brett joined the Tech Team at HLK in 2015 after graduating from the University of Nottingham with a 1st class honours MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Previously, Brett was an independent contractor within the construction industry, where he worked closely with a variety of clients to meet their individual needs.

During his degree Brett’s major projects focussed on the design of indirect vector controlled induction motor drives, research into High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission technology and the design, and manufacture, of an electronic device for providing marginalised communities with controllable lighting in their homes. Brett’s technical background lies primarily in the areas of power electronics, telecommunications, electrical motors and high voltage transmission.

Brett has experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a wide range of electrical and electronic based technologies such as power electronics, electrical machines, power systems and mixed signal circuitry. Brett works with private clients, SMEs and multi-national corporations in various aspects of the patent process.

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Owen Green

Trainee Patent Attorney

Owen graduated with a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and joined HLK in September 2020. During his time at the firm, he has quickly developed a knowledge of our clients’ key technologies in the electronics space. Owen has been involved with the prosecution and drafting of patents for large electronics clients, gaining experience in high-speed ADCs and DACs alongside charge-pumps, power management systems and highly accurate current and voltage sources. As part of his degree, he also participated in an industrial placement at a leading semiconductor manufacturer and developed an understanding of the design and simulation challenges of image-sensor technologies, which remains an interest of his.

Micah Lanez

Trainee Patent Attorney

Micah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. During his degree he studied a broad range of topics in the field of electronics, focusing on class-D audio amplifiers for his final year project.

As a Trainee patent attorney in the Bristol Tech team, Micah has worked on a wide range of UK, European and International patent applications covering a wide range of technologies in the field of analogue and mixed signal electronics.

Since he joined the firm in 2021, he has worked on applications relating to audio amplifiers, power converters, piezoelectric transducer systems, charge pumps, biometrics, and autonomous vehicles.

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