Tech team +

With highly experienced patent attorneys in the UK and Germany able to represent clients before the European Patent Office and the national patent offices of Germany and the United Kingdom, we have one of the largest and best-established Tech patent teams in Europe.

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Chemistry & Life Sciences team +

The team has a wealth of experience protecting inventions in fields as diverse as biochemistry, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, ceramics, chemical engineering, petrochemistry, materials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, microbiology, immunology & antibodies, molecular biology, food technology and many more. Our Chemistry and Life Sciences team also has extensive experience in handling opposition and appeals before the European Patent Office.

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Engineering & Environment team +

Our Engineering & Environment team is one of the largest specialist engineering departments in Europe. Our attorneys are acutely focussed on engineering technologies, and this shows in their technical understanding and the quality of their work. Our attorneys are able to interact effortlessly with inventors and to engage in clear and concise communication with business owners and C-suite executives.

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Trade Mark team +

Our team of experienced and commercially focussed trade mark attorneys together with our dedicated paralegals will provide you with the support that is right for your brands and your business, from clearance searches to trade mark registration and from portfolio management to litigation. We work with business of various sizes, from SMEs to big corporates, across multiple industry sectors.

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Designs team +

Our specialist team of design experts is one of the most experienced in the UK, working with global businesses as well as SMEs across a variety of industry sectors, from fashion to toys and from automotive to aerospace engineering.

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Cross disciplinary teams +

Our expert teams are organised broadly across the following practice areas: Tech, Chemistry & Life Sciences, Engineering & Environment, Designs, Trade Marks and Litigation. However, we recognise that innovation does not always fit neatly into boxes and have a number of cross-disciplinary teams working both within and across these practice areas focussing on new developments or specific fields. We periodically showcase some of these specialist teams and the attorneys and lawyers working within them, all of whom are true industry leaders. Below are examples of just a few.