We’re driven by the same principles as you are and are always looking to find ‘a better way’.

Our culture is different from many other professional services firms and is more akin to what you might find in many of the world’s most exciting and innovative companies.

This, combined with an unwavering commitment to always putting people first, has helped us build trusted, long-term relationships with our many amazing clients.

For us, people are always at the centre of our delivery of professional services.

Our success is built on our honest business practices and people-focused approach. We always agree clear expectations, keeping you fully informed and prefer to delight than surprise.

Fostering close and long-standing relationships is central to our approach and we have worked with many of our clients for over 50 years. However, this does not make us complacent. We seek to continually improve and have a very strong ethos of quality and outstanding client service. In a recent client survey, conducted through an independent research agency, 97% of our clients were “highly satisfied” with the overall quality of our service.

Our people-first approach is not limited to our clients. We also work extremely hard to ensure that our own people feel great, are properly motivated and fully rewarded. We place a lot of emphasis on flexibility and workplace wellbeing through our internal “HoListiK” programme.

We carry the approach right through into how we interact with wider society. We are one of the earliest Charter signatories of IP Inclusive – a charity comprising a group of like-minded IP professionals committed to improving equality, diversity and inclusivity within the IP community, as well as supporting IP Pro Bono, which provides assistance to individuals and small businesses in IP disputes. Our leadership team actively participate in IP Inclusive’s senior leaders’ diversity think tank and are proud to make the following pledges.