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Alan Chamberlain

Alan Chamberlain


UK and European Patent Attorney | UPC Representative

Bristol (UK)

About Alan

Alan joined HLK in 2001, and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney in 2005. Alan has been a partner since 2011. Alan has gained extensive experience of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a number of technology fields for several direct clients, with recent practice involving inventions in the areas of telecommunications, healthcare and cryptography.

Alan’s experience of telecommunications inventions includes inventions relevant to the international standards, for example in the areas of interworking between mobile networks and WiFi (including traffic steering and aggregation), the management of security keys at handover, device to device (D2D) communications, discontinuous reception (DRX), and home and enterprise base stations (femtocells). In the healthcare field, Alan’s experience relates to devices and algorithms that are used to monitor and analyse the motion and health of a subject, including fall detectors and blood pressure monitors, computer systems and programs used in healthcare applications and the management of health-related data, and personal care devices such as hair clippers, toothbrushes and shavers.

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BSc Mathematics and Physics (University of Bristol)
UK Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
UPC Representative

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