Sometimes it is not enough to own IP rights. Sometimes it is necessary to use the Courts to stop others encroaching on your hard won innovation and creativity. Enforcement is about IP protection. When others are not respecting your rights, you need lawyers and attorneys who know IP, know the tech, and have had years of experience in the Court to lead you to success.

By integrating – where appropriate – scientifically specialised attorneys with specialist leading IP lawyers, all focused on the result, both in terms of its achievability and cost/benefit, you are given access to a rare mix of the right people focusing on the right things. Our success rate over the last 10 years stands at 82%.

When you talk to us we will:

  • Ensure that you will know exactly who to talk to and what to do, to achieve your goals, whether it is an urgent injunction or substantial damages
  • Deploy our 5 step process:
  1. Define the achievable goal
  2. Assess the risk/likelihood of success
  3. Apply a cost/benefit test
  4. Agree a costed action plan
  5. Keep 1-4 under constant review
  • Discuss and agree with you the size and shape of the most appropriate team for you to achieve your goals (never a ‘one size fits all’ or ‘churning’ approach)
  • Consider alternative methods of charging for the work we do, other than the “chargeable hour” which we recognise is not always appropriate

“ I am glad to see that there is genuine IP specialist expertise outside London charging a fair price for complex work.“ – The Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob, Retired Court of Appeal Judge

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(over the last 10 years)

Effective cross-discipline team ready 24/7 to obtain speedy and cost-effective remedies where necessary

"Excellence in subject matter and client service very strong. Approachable lawyers and reasonably priced"

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