The rapid rise in the use of AI tools in businesses is an exciting development but it brings with it uncertainty and risk. Our AI law and regulation team has experience in working with businesses to explain and manage these risks from both a legal and regulatory perspective.

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How we can help you

Whether your business is looking to benefit from AI guidance on navigating the nascent regulatory frameworks or you’re seeking guidance on IP and related risks for generating content from the use of AI tools, our team is here to ensure you are managing the risks of AI appropriately and practically.

The challenge for busy in-house legal teams is the fast-changing pace of AI regulation and law. Having the expertise of our AI patent attorneys on the technical side alongside our experienced legal team on the legal and regulatory side gives us the knowledge and confidence to help companies benefit from new ways of working through AI.

We advise on:

  • IP ownership and exploitation of AI inventions, including patents, copyright and ownership of AI systems created through joint collaboration
  • The risks of using a third party’s AI, including IP infringement issues concerning AI-generated content
  • Navigating and compliance with the changing AI regulations
  • Liabilities, including contractual reviews of AI systems’ terms and conditions and/or third-party agreements
  • Confidentiality issues in the use of AI tools
  • GDPR issues and risks, conducting a data protection impact assessment (if necessary)
  • Ensuring systems reach decisions fairly, lawfully and without reaching discriminatory outcomes

Meet our experts

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