HLK is helping companies to lead in the development and deployment of AI.

Our expertise is rooted in our work for leading technology companies, helping them protect their IP relating to AI since the earliest days of this technology.

With AI entering the mainstream – particularly with highly accessible AI models and generative AI – our skills and services have expanded to advise businesses on the legal and regulatory environment surrounding AI.

Specialist patent attorneys and solicitors 

Our combination of specialist AI patent attorneys and solicitors means we are highly informed and experienced, both with the technology underlying AI, and the legal landscape concerning its use and adoption. Our advice is tailored to maximise our clients’ ability to realise the opportunities of developing AI, securely, and when the time is right for their business.

Maximise your AI opportunities

Whether we are advising AI entrepreneurs on how to patent (or not patent) their technology, advising businesses on safely integrating AI into their services, or evaluating AI assistance in our own profession, we have a deep understanding of the risks, opportunities and path of development to enable companies to maximise the opportunities AI will create for them, while managing the legal and regulatory risk as the technologies and regulation mature.

Our experts have a unique combination of a cutting-edge understanding of the latest technology with a thorough practical understanding of the latest legal and regulatory developments in the AI space.

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