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Paying it forward at the end of 2023

A round-up of our seasonal goodwill challenge 'Pay IP Forward' that ended on 22 December 2023.

December’s entries to our Seasonal goodwill challenge, our Pay IP Forward intellectual property competition, gave us some wonderful insight into the lives and minds of the HLK community – you can tell from looking at the word cloud which gives you a snapshot of some of the entries we received.


Taglines, inventions and the future

Taglines for 2023 hinted at what had been highs, lows, buzzwords or over-arching themes for the year, whilst favourite inventions revealed admiration for the visionaries and innovators that have changed people’s lives, ever since the invention of the wheel!

The question about new inventions to make your life easier really brought out people’s creative side on what gadgets they’d like to see in the future.

Supporting good causes

We really enjoyed hearing from everyone who took part and learning what’s important to you. In return, we paid it forward over the festive season and we’re delighted to have supported some great causes, each one nominated by one of our lucky winners during the three-week long challenge.

Three small charities, two in the UK and one in the US, each received a £250 donation – MediCinema, that brings cinema to hospitals, The Lewy Body Society, that raises awareness and funds research into the second most common cause of age-related dementia, and The Bulldog Foundation, that creates opportunities for students at Rossford Schools in Ohio.

A great way to end 2023!

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