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Haseltine Lake Kempner Joins the MediWales Network

We are pleased to announce that Haseltine Lake Kempner (HLK) has joined the MediWales Network as a member.

MediWales is an independent life sciences network for Wales, with members in the life sciences and medical technology sectors, which hosts regular networking events for its members. These events include a members’ showcase, where members can meet and share their work, and the annual MediWales Innovation Awards, celebrating achievements in the industry.

Our support enables MediWales  – a not-for-profit organization – to be proactive in delivering their content and events.

You can find our profile on the MediWales website here.

With new members every month, ranging from start-ups to well established international corporations from the medical technology and life sciences sectors, the network is going from strength to strength, helping to build new partnerships and provide new opportunities each day.

At Haseltine Lake Kempner, we work with a number of companies in these sectors, and as members of MediWales, we look forward to making connections at new companies, learning about their technologies and offering those companies advice regarding intellectual property in this area.

“MediWales has been a leading network in Wales for nearly two decades, and it is exciting to become a part of that network.  We’re looking forward to meeting members soon and learning more about their businesses.” – Andrew Flaxman, Partner at HLK