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UPC Unpacked: Issue 2

Discover UPC insights

Each month, our UPC experts delve into the Unified Patent Court, to unpack key insights on how it works or what to expect, and share their findings.

Proceedings at the UPC: How to prepare and what to expect

An insider’s view to UPC litigation, with practical tips to help you prepare

Matthew Howell talks you through how to prepare for actions before the UPC and what to expect once proceedings have started. He provides you with some practical tips at every stage, from spotting early warning signs that an infringement action may on the horizon through to settlement.

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How does UPC litigation compare to EPO opposition proceedings?

Your go-to guide to proceedings

Our poll in Issue 1 of UPC Unpacked revealed this is one of the topics that patent owners are most interested to learn more about, and we’re happy to provide the answer!

Our UPC expert, James Ward, has broken down the question and developed a brief comparative guide to EPO opposition and UPC revocation proceedings, where he outlines the key features of each procedure and gives you a side-by-side comparison.

Explore the comparative guide.

Unified Patent validations and those all important deadlines

What’s the process for validating a Unitary Patent? What are the deadlines? And what can you do if you miss the deadline?

In this short video, Andrew Dowling explains Unitary Patent validations, what’s required and by when, and outlines practical steps you can take if you miss the deadline. He weighs up re-establishment, safety net provisions and filing precautionary validations, before recommending a course of action.

This is for general information only and does not constitute legal advice. Should you require advice on this or any other UPC related topic then please contact or your usual HLK advisor.

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