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Why Choose HLK?

In September we welcomed three new Trainee Patent Attorneys to Haseltine Lake Kempner, and they have since been settling in well. Two months in, we asked them what made them choose HLK as the firm to start their careers as Patent Attorneys.

Micah Lanez

As I neared the end of my degree and began searching for trainee patent attorney positions nationwide, I was instantly drawn to HLK by the overwhelmingly positive reviews online, both from clients and past applicants. The application was straightforward, and I can distinctly remember the HR team being extremely responsive and welcoming throughout the whole process, which lasted no more than 3 weeks. Having zero experience and barely any knowledge of the IP world, I was relieved to hear about HLK’s renowned Academy programme, which all trainees go through. This level of support and guidance towards achieving full qualification is rare and is what separates HLK from many other firms. It was clear to me that HLK invested a lot of time and effort into their trainees and had already developed a tried and tested method of seeing through the arduous qualification exams.

Lisa Rodermund

When I first started applying for Trainee Patent Attorney positions, the remote interview process seemed like a very daunting prospect. Whilst pre-recorded video interviews with other companies felt uncomfortable and impersonal, the atmosphere at the HLK selection day was very warm and inviting. Initially, I was welcomed by HR, and then interviewed by two partners. The interview was friendly, relaxed and personal, while the written exercises were interesting and varied. Talking to some of the current trainees highlighted the supportive and inclusive culture at HLK. This experience convinced me that HLK would be the best place to start training as a patent attorney.

Abigail Hanby

Whilst my original reasons for applying to HLK were its excellent reputation and diverse range of clients, what particularly struck me during the application process was how friendly and approachable everyone was. Throughout the selection day, I felt like the Partners genuinely wanted me to succeed. In the short time I’ve now spent at HLK I’ve seen this friendly and supportive attitude echoed across the whole firm.

During the selection day, I was also impressed to learn of the commitment of the firm to graduate training. Knowing that I would be supported through my training not only by a network of other trainees, but also the HLK Academy, on the job training and generous study leave, made the prospect of exams seem far less daunting.

We are currently accepting applications for Trainees to join us in September 2022. See our vacancies for more information.