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The UPC Sunrise Period: How it’s Going So Far

By Matthew Howell, Partner

Today (31 March 2023) is the last day of the first month of the UPC sunrise period, so now is a good time to take stock of how things have been going at the UPC.

Opt outs

As of 2pm today, 11,252 opt out applications have been lodged at the UPC. The number of opt out applications lodged so far is perhaps lower than expected. This may be due in part to last minute changes to the opt out API that were introduced in mid-March, and delays in registration of representatives.

HLK’s automated opt out platform is working well. Of the 11,252 opt out applications that have been lodged, HLK has filed 1074, which represents 9.5% of all the opt out applications filed so far.

We expect to see a sharp increase in the number of opt out applications lodged in the last two months of the sunrise period, and we remind anyone wishing to opt out to do so early. Please get in touch if you want to know more about our opt out solutions.

Registration of UPC representatives

After a few teething problems, the UPC Registry is now processing applications for registration as a UPC representative rapidly. As of 2pm today, 1781 applications for registration as a UPC representative have been filed. Our own Melvyn Ansell, Caroline Day, Andy Dowling, David Hammond, Matt Howell, Will Morgan, Joe Lenthall, Greg Sharp, Greg Ward and James Ward are already on the register, and more of our attorneys will be joining them in the coming days and weeks.

This is for general information only and does not constitute legal advice. Should you require advice on this or any other topic then please contact or your usual HLK advisor.

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