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Stuart Clarkson

Stuart Clarkson


UK and European Patent Attorney

London (UK)

About Stuart

Stuart advises clients ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations, and has experience across a wide range of technologies in various sectors including manufacturing, industrial equipment, automotive, and aerospace.

At Stuart’s previous firm, he focused on prosecuting patent applications relating to power tools, drilling and lifting equipment for a large international client in the oil and gas industry. His work was not only concerned with mechanical systems (such as downhole tools for drilling and oil recovery) but also with geological modelling and control systems for the equipment. These subject matter areas allowed Stuart to combine his interest and experience in mechanical engineering with his mathematical background, which was the focus of his degree.

At Haseltine Lake Kempner, Stuart has further broadened his experience, drafting and prosecuting patent applications for a number of clients in sectors including oil and gas, 2D and 3D printing, medical devices, computing systems, audio engineering, aerospace and automotive. Stuart’s work often sits between the electronics/communications and engineering departments at HLK as he deals with many electromechanical inventions that involve knowledge of devices and their associated software.

Stuart has been fortunate to work with clients where he has been able to hone his expertise at both ends of the spectrum. As part of his day-to-day work, Stuart regularly deals with technologies including vehicles, printers, refrigeration systems, compressors, audio equipment, and medical devices (including tissue marking and retracting, vessel harvesting, inhalers, syringes, and spinal fixation).

He also drafts and prosecutes applications that are related to the associated software for such technologies, including control algorithms for printers (such as 3D printing software), vehicles, and display technology including user interfaces (for example, to enable the monitoring of user athletic performance) and business-based inventions. In this way, Stuart is able to provide comprehensive advice on the many ways in which clients may protect each aspect of their inventions.

He has been involved in a number of Opposition/Appeals at the EPO for a leading producer in farming machinery and maintains a strong interest in the Opposition and Appeal process at the EPO.

Stuart entered the patent profession in 2013 after graduating from the University of Cambridge with a Master of Advanced Studies in Mathematics (Theoretical Physics) and qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney in 2017. He became a Senior Associate in 2019 and Partner in 2022. He speaks Japanese at an intermediate level and is constantly seeking to improve his language skills by attending weekly lessons with a private tutor. He regularly travels to Japan to visit clients, present at seminars, attend conferences, and to see more of the country when on holiday.

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BSc Bachelor of Science (Monash University)
MAMA Mathematics (Theoretical Physics) (University of Cambridge)
UK Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney

What clients say about Stuart:
I have had the pleasure to work with Stuart on some of our most advanced technologies that have required the careful drafting of patent applications and challenging prosecution throughout various jurisdictions, both of which Stuart has excelled at and has more than met my expectations. I have every confidence in Stuart’s abilities both in his technical field and in his duties as an patent attorney as he has proved time and again to be enthusiastic, engaging, diligent, timely and quick to grasp complex detail and distil into coherent claim language and argumentation. I look forward to my continuing relationship with Stuart and the net results that we achieve in securing strategically important intellectual property resulting from our R&D activities.

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