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Nick Davies

Nicholas Davies


European Patent Attorney

About Nick

Nick’s passion for science and technology ultimately inspired him to pursue a career as a patent attorney. Nick joined HLK’s Tech Team in 2018, after completing his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Exeter where he conducted climate change research, specialising in the measurement of optical properties of atmospheric aerosol particles and assessment of the impact of these particles on Earth’s climate. Prior to this, Nick completed a Master of Physics degree from The University of Manchester, which provided him with a broad physics background relevant to various areas of technology.

Nick’s fascination with both science and technology inspired him to develop a number of new ideas throughout his studies. During Nick’s final year project of his master’s degree, he developed a novel method for generating and detecting orbital angular momentum and while studying for his PhD, Nick worked with colleagues at the Met Office to develop state-of-the-art instrumentation for measuring optical properties of atmospheric aerosol particles. Nick comments that a highlight of his PhD was getting the chance to take airborne measurements over the southeast Atlantic Ocean in August 2017.

Nick has a real passion for his field as demonstrated by his keen interest in his subject matter, which has continued outside of his studies. He has authored and co-authored multiple academic research papers and presented his research findings at national and international meetings, and was also selected to present at the prestigious STEM for BRITAIN event at the House of Commons, highlighting the importance of climate change research to parliamentarians. Nick enjoys sharing his passion for science and technology and has instigated an interdisciplinary postgraduate research seminar series, mentored undergraduate students, tutored secondary school students, and tutored privately.

Whilst at HLK, Nick has gained experience of providing intellectual property advice to a range of clients, from individuals to multinational corporations, in the fields of healthcare, computer networking, 2D and 3D printing systems and telecommunications, and has experience of drafting patent applications and prosecuting patent applications via the European Patent Office and the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Outside of work, Nick is a keen badminton player and enjoys cycling and hiking.

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