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Mental Health Matters

By Courtney Cosgrove, HR Administrator

According to statistics 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, that is why at HLK we have various means of supporting colleagues with their mental wellbeing, from Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) and a Mental Health and Wellbeing group to an extensive employee assistance programme. What we try to keep at our core, is a sense of connectedness. HoListiK is our internal wellbeing programme, it is via HoListiK that we promote engagement and colleague connection through different social activities.

We are social animals and our friendships and connections with other people matter. Building strong, broader social connections can increase feelings of belonging, happiness, reduce levels of stress and improve self-confidence. Social connectedness is a key driver of wellbeing and resilience as it plays an important role in many people’s lives, from getting advice on big decisions to receiving support during hard times.

We are looking forward to getting stuck into the next quarter of HolistiK! We have planned the following activities for the month of May…

Friday quiz league

Our HLK colleagues love a bit of healthy competition, so through HoListiK we arrange activities such as the Friday quiz league, a release for our colleagues at the end of a busy week to take some time out to join in with the fun and be rewarded with prizes.

Life in Isolation

Office day

Now we are embracing hybrid working we will be arranging an ‘office day’ which creates a chance for teams to join together in person, for an afternoon of games and snacks provided by HoListiK.

Team plant race

On the horizon we also have a team plant race; the team will the healthiest, tallest sunflower will be awarded! Office plants are also proven to;

  • Help to reduce stress
  • Help to increase productivity
  • Help to reduce sickness and absence rates
  • Clean the air
  • Help to reduce noise levels
  • Help to boost creativity

HoListiK has also created a virtual space where people can share ideas on fitness, mindfulness, recipes, games, arts and crafts, music are shared. Some ideas shared are around wellbeing, some are generally above activities to keep occupied, but all are through the medium of connectedness.

HLK is full of strong social connections, with most colleagues having been with the Firm for 5+ years, supporting and seeing each other grow within the business. It is something we’re very proud of.

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