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London Design Festival 2019

By Andrew Flaxman, Partner

From 14 to 22 September 2019, areas of London will be transformed using a combination of art and technology, with the appearance of hundreds of installations as part of the annual London Design Festival. The event, which takes place in a number of locations dotted around the capital, sees over 350 installations intended to brighten up the city and showcase the talent of renowned designers worldwide. The nine-day event was first held in 2003, with the intention to celebrate all areas of design, and promote the city’s creativity.

Projects on display at this year’s festival include a large-scale seating installation in Finsbury Avenue Square, called Please Be Seated. The project, by British designer, Paul Cocksedge, will feature a series of curves for people to sit on and walk under. Fellow designer, Sam Jacob, has created a large installation for the entrance of the Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum, in a project called Sea Things. The installation, which includes an animated graphic display within a two-way mirrored cube suspended above visitors, aims to raise awareness of single-use plastics.

One of the medal winners of this year’s festival is the self-taught British designer, Tom Dixon OBE, whose company, Tom Dixon Limited feature regularly at the London Design Festival. The company made headlines back in 2006 for a “chair grab”, where it exhibited an installation of 500 lightweight polystyrene chairs in Trafalgar Square. Visitors of the installation were invited to take a chair away, free of charge.

Tom Dixon Limited, who are known for their unique furniture designs, understand the importance of protecting their designs. The company are the proprietors of a large number of UK and European registered designs. Registered designs are used to protect the look of products, and can be a hugely valuable asset for companies wishing to prevent copying of their products. Here at Haseltine Lake Kempner, we have a well-established team of design specialists who have a vast amount of experience of protecting products using registered designs.

Haseltine Lake Kempner patent attorney and partner, Andrew Flaxman, who is a member of the firm’s designs team, will be in London during the London Designs Festival to visit some of the installations, and would be happy to meet with anyone keen to learn more about protecting products using registered designs.