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IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Pledge Launched Today

Today, IP Inclusive’s senior leaders’ think tank has launched its new “Leaders’ Pledge” initiative, where individuals in senior leadership roles within IP firms and IP professional bodies make personal commitments to provide visible and active leadership on improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their organisations. The idea behind this initiative is to make these pledges visible to everyone both within the organisations and externally, so that individuals can be held to account, if they make empty promises.

As one of the earliest Charter signatories of IP Inclusive (a charity comprising a group of like-minded IP professionals committed to improving equality, diversity and inclusivity within the IP community) and active participants of the IP Inclusive’s senior leaders’ diversity think tank, HLK’s senior leadership team are proud to make the following pledges, with more to follow.

HLK’s internal Diversity and Inclusion Group, DiveIn, already works closely with the firm’s senior leaders which reinforces their support, commitment and accountability to improving diversity and inclusion at all levels within the firm.

The new pledge has also been signed by the Chief Executives of the patent and trade mark professionals’ representative bodies CIPA and CITMA as well as some senior representatives from a number of IP firms.