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HLK’s Head of HR Appointed to IP Inclusive’s Advisory Board

We are proud to announce that Susan Antoine, HLK’s Head of HR, has been appointed to IP Inclusive’s Advisory Board.

IP Inclusive is a group of IP professionals committed to improving equality, diversity and inclusivity in the IP community. The IP Inclusive’s Advisory Board was established by IP Inclusive’s governing body IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) in September 2021. It is a non-executive body made up of individual volunteers from both inside and outside the UK’s IP professions. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to guide and support IPIM and its executive staff in pursuing IPIM’s objectives.

Susan comments: “I’m a keen advocate of inclusion across teams, sectors and professions and am incredibly proud to have been selected for IP Inclusive’s Advisory Board. I look forward to working with other members of the Board and sharing best practice and experiences with them”.

Congratulations to Sue!