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Haseltine Lake Kempner Stand Against Racism

Since the abhorrent killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the events that followed, the world has united in protest against continued and systemic racism that still exists today, not only in the US but in all corners of the globe.

His tragic death and the response to it has sent an emotional shockwave across the world and is another brutal reminder of the prejudices and inequalities that exist within our society. All news outlets and social media channels have been full of reports and reactions to these events and this will be impacting many of our colleagues in many different ways. We want to be clear and send a message in our own small way that as a Firm we stand united with all of our colleagues, clients and all in society against racism of any form.

We at HLK are not immune to the undeniable momentum of the response to George Floyd’s death, nor are we ignorant of the need for change. In order to do more, our Diversity & Inclusion Group is currently working to ignite conversation within the Firm about race and how it affects all of us, at home and at work. These topics are not always easy to talk about, but by sharing books, films and documentaries and providing opportunities to discuss individual’s responses to these, we hope to open a frank discussion which will help improve awareness of racial inequality, both within society at large and specifically within the IP sector. Most importantly, these conversations will not end should the protests and calls for change subside; our Diversity & Inclusion Group will be working together with our Management team and the entire Firm to ensure that we are constantly reflecting, striving and improving to become a truly diverse organisation.

Our motto is to Imagine Better, our mission is to make it better. We are working on it.