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Fun Pet Patents

By Alex Roy, Trainee Patent Attorney

National Pet Month is upon us once again, and there’s no shortage of high-tech inventions to gift your animal companions in celebration! Let’s have a look at some patents and patent applications dedicated to our four-legged friends.


Tired of dealing with the small mountain of towels that accumulates every time you wash your dog after a particularly muddy walk? This drying device offers your pets the chance to experience the luxury of a salon blow dry without the terrifying noise of a hair dryer! This wearable device can be filled with hot air by a hair dryer operated at a distance away from the pet, reducing the noise of the drying experience, leaving your pet dry, happy, and lacking that wet pet smell.US10398125B1

A prime example of a cat’s ability to be both affectionate and troublesome is their insistence in laying down upon our keyboards when we’re in the midst of work. Whilst extremely cute, this act does not lend itself well to a productive home working environment. It is thought that this feline habit is due to the appealing warmth of a keyboard and its proximity to an interesting activity. To combat this issue, this heated pet bed mimics the look and feel of a keyboard, allowing your cat to lounge in comfort whilst you continue working unimpeded. Features of the disclosed pet bed include pressure activated heating elements, keyboard typing sounds, and illumination devices.US5752335A

Making sure your pet is protected and identifiable out in the wild world is essential for any pet owner. This protected, talking identification device can record and play a message listing all the information needed to return a lost pet – information which typically wouldn’t fit on a standard collar tag. The protective case ensures that accidental recordation over stored recordings is prevented, whilst still allowing the playback device to be activated.US8918955B2

If you’re lucky enough to own a dog that’s not terrified of vacuums and loud noises, this grooming tool (a handheld device that can be attached to a vacuum source) allows you to groom your dog whilst vacuuming up the removed hair and allergens as you go – no extra clean up needed!US2005284412A1

Do you find yourself missing your pet whilst away from the house? Not only does this phone connect owners with their pets via video calling but does so by having your pet answer the phone through depressing a paw switch! It also allows you to go the extra mile by enabling owners to present their scent to their pets and deliver treats on remote command. However, we’re not so sure that the humanoid structure of the phone is totally convincing…

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