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Brexit: We have it covered

The UK’s departure from the European Union may, on the face of it, have had an impact on certain IP rights and on how particular work is handled, but it is business as usual for us in terms of our service to our clients.

From 1 January 2021, EU trade marks and designs no longer cover the UK, and so separate EU and UK applications will now need to be made for any new marks or designs which need protection in the UK and EU. We can handle both for you.

Our firm has had a growing presence in Munich for over 40 years. From our Munich office we will of course continue to handle European Patent work before the European Patent Office (EPO), as the European Patent framework is independent of the EU.

In addition to maintaining our office there we have formed a new German entity: HL Kempner Patentanwälte, Rechtsanwalt, Solicitors (England & Wales), Irish Patent Agents Partnerschaft mbB (“HL Kempner PartmbB”) which will operate independently of but in close association with HLK. Like HLK, this new firm is a full service one-stop-shop. As such it provides the full suite of German and EU IP services from Munich.

For more information on our offering whatever your IP needs, please contact us here